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Manual Motor Starters

Manual Motor Starters

IEC Manual Motor Starters


GE’s Surion IEC motor starters are compact and reliable. They are flexible, quick in installation and available in 45mm and 55mm widths. The GPS1 line spans current ranges from 0.1A to 32A for use with motors up to 30hp at 600V. The GPS2 series extends this current range to 63A for use with motors up to and including 50 hp.


Surion GPS1 starters are available in two versions. The GPS1BS_ _ series, with a toggle operator, is suitable for individual and group installations. Short circuit interruption capacity ranges up to 100kA @ 240V, 50kA @ 480V and 10kA @ 600V for individual installations and 100 kA @ 240V, 65kA @ 480V and 25kA @ 600V for group installations. The GPS1BH_ _ series, with a rotary operator, carries equivalent or higher short circuit ratings and is also suitable for combination installations with a short circuit interruption rating of 50kA for 277/480V and below. The GPS2BH_ _ series also features a rotary operator and is suitable for all three types of installations. Complete short circuit ratings are listed on page 6-44.


All Surion IEC motor starters include the following features

  • 45mm width up to 32 amps, 55mm width rated to 63 amps
  • Three position operator: OFF-TRIP-ON
  • Padlockable in the OFF position
  • Class 10 overload trip characteristics
  • Ambient compensated –20°C to +60°C
  • Single-phase sensitivity
  • Anti tamper cover over current adjustment dial
  • Trip test —Complete range of common accessories
  • Finger-safe terminals
  • Pz 2 slotted/combination screws
  • 35mm DIN rail mounting


Surion is global. It is available around the world in the same form, with the same product number, with both IEC and US markings, making international applications simple and sure.


Surion starters are flexible in application. They not only comply with the IEC installation requirements, such as Disconnects, Main Switch, Emergency Off and Maintenance Service Switch, they may also be used in a wide variety of US applications. Surion starters may be used as:

  • Manual starters
  • Group installed starters
  • Combination starter - manual self-protected (Type E) GPS1BH* and GPS2BH* versions
  • Combination starter – with C-2000 contactor or mini-contactor


A complete range of accessories extends the application flexibility of the line. Front and side mounted auxiliary contacts, alarm contacts, short circuit reset/indicator alarm, shunt trip and undervoltage release (with or without early make auxiliary contacts) allow Surion to easily adapt to your specific needs. Input busbars further speed and simplify group installations. Enclosures and accessories extend flexibility. Bases, links and other components allow you to assemble integrated starters.


Individual Installation

Manual motor starters (UL-508, Part III) are devices that provide a means of controlling (switching on and off) a motor. UL-508 allows a manual motor starter to be applied in individual installations between a branch short circuit protection device (circuit breaker or fuse) and a motor (see Figure 1A).


The UL, cUL listing allows Surion starters to be utilized in installations up to 600 volts. Short circuit ratings are listed in the tables on page 6-44. GE’s type MC or CL contactors may be used in series with the motor starter for remote motor operation as shown in Figure 1B. Contactors must not be applied at ratings above their nameplate HP/current ratings.


Group Installation

Manual motor starters may be applied in group applications per Article 430-53 of the National Electrical Code. Refer to the NEC for specific requirements. Group installations are used when multiple loads are tapped off of a single branch short circuit protective device (circuit breaker or fuse). A manual motor starter is placed between the branch disconnect and each motor (see Figure 2A). The UL, cUL listing allows starters to be utilized in installations up to 600 volts. Short circuit ratings are listed in the tables on page 6-44. GE’s type MC or CL contactors may be used in series with the motor starter for remote motor operation (see Figure 2B). Contactors must not be applied at ratings above their nameplate HP/current ratings.


Combination Starters

Surion GPS1BH* and GPS2BH* Manual Motor Starters may be used as combination starters (UL508 Part IV) and have been evaluated by UL as manual self-protected combination motor starters (Type E) for applications 277/480 and below. They provide coordinated branch circuit short circuit protection consistent with Section 430-52(c) (6) of the NEC; a disconnecting means consistent with Section 430-109 (a) (5); a motor starter and coordinated motor overload protection (see Figure 3A). These starters may be used for controlling motors without additional upstream branch circuit protection. They may be used in place of branch devices in motor circuits only. When used in panels with multiple motor circuits, a main circuit disconnect is required in sight and within 50 feet for the protection of service personnel.


Surion GPS1BH* and GPS2BH* Manual Self Protected Combination Starters may also be used with a contactor when a high number of operations are required or remote switching is desired. A combination motor starter (see Figure 3B) is created by linking the self-protected manual motor starter with an evaluated contactor that has been tested for the combination. All C-2000 contactors and mini-contactors are suitable for use with Surion starters which, when used in this configuration, are suitable as combination motor starters. Using bases and links (see page 6-12) combination motor starters may be easily assembled by distributors, OEM’s or end users. This integrated starter approach allows the user to service or replace the load switching means (contactor) and/or the interrupting/disconnecting means (Surion starter) should the need arise.


For combination starter installations, the standards require a means to differentiate between a short circuit and overload trip conditions. Surion delivers this means through the use of the Short Circuit Alarm Accessory GPAE11LLA (sold separately – see page 6-7). This accessory provides specific indication of a short circuit trip condition and includes a manual reset. Add GPAPT1E terminal cover to GPS1BH* for Type E and combination starter applications.


Selection and Pricing

Surion comprises a complete range of compact, reliable motor starters, rated from 0.1A to 63A, in 45mm and 55mm frame widths. It represents a motor protection system for switching and protecting three-phase induction motors to 50hp at 600 volts.


Surion starters are available worldwide. They are specifically designed to deliver total connectivity with GE’s other IEC motor starters and controls, and they can be combined with our MC and CL contactors to form integrated solutions.


A full complement of accessories create solutions for all types of applications. You can choose from frontal auxiliary and alarm contacts, lateral auxiliary contacts, alarm/auxiliary and short circuit trip indicators, shunt trip, undervoltage release (with or without early make auxiliary contacts), enclosures, group bus bars and more. You can also select assembled versions.


Product Number Selection Instructions

Selection of the starter depends on the actual motor full load current and service factor. For motors with service factor of 1.15 or greater, use motor full load current to select the appropriate current range. For motors with a service factor less than 1.15, multiply the normal full load current by .9 for the current setting. Single phase applications require all three overload legs to be energized for proper operation. Use separate conductor to connect terminal T2 to L3. Connect power to L1 and L2 and apply load between T1 and T3.