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Mini Contactors

Mini Contactors

IEC Power Devices

Features and Benefits

Modular Design
One of the most attractive features of this product family is its modularity. Various configurations can be created by combining the MC contactors and MCR control relays with the wide selection of available accessories.


Compact Size
The contactor/relay mounting profile is approximately 1 3/4” x 1 7/8”.


Long Life
The MC/MCR family of contactors and relays offers superior performance. Mechanical life is rated at 10,000,000 operations. Contactor motor ratings (AC-3) are in excess of 1,000,000 electrical operations.


Reliable Operation
These products are manufactured with the latest advancements in materials technology and designed to ensure long, dependable operation. (Coils are designed for protection against burnout during demanding brownout conditions.)


Flexible Mounting
Mounting is not restricted for contactor and relay applications; contactors may be horizontal-, tabletop-, or ceiling-mounted. Mounting flexibility is provided by a dual mounting system using either 35mm DIN rail or two #8 screws in opposite diagonal corners. The DIN rail release is located at the top, providing easy access when configured as a starter. Accessories are easily assembled to the MC/MCR contactors and relays, saving time while affording maximum versatility.


High Short Circuit Current Ratings for UL508A
MC/MCR family of contactors UL rated to withstand 50,000 AIC fault when protected by Class H, L, J, CC or RK-5 fuses providing added performance to use within UL508A control panels.


Easy Installation
Captive universal slot screws are standard on all contactors, relays, overloads, and accessories allowing installation with flat, star, and Phillips screwdrivers. All terminals are in the open position for production line and installation efficiency. Accessories are designed for fast installation on either contactors or relays.


Safety Features
Finger and back-of-hand protection are provided. All screw and quick-connect type terminals are clearly marked with dual markings where applicable, for easy identification and wiring convenience.


International Acceptance
Devices are listed and certified to international standards. Nameplate carries both IEC and North American standards.