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Pilot Devices

Pilot Devices

Heavy-Duty 22.5 mm Watertight/Oiltight Pilot Devices C-2000

600 VAC Max., 300 VDC Max.

10 Amps Continuous AC, 2.5 Amps Continuous DC

C-2000 Push Buttons Reveal the Beauty of Simplicity in Every Detail

Back-tightened locking rings discourage tampering, accommodate a range of panel thickness, and tighten down with either a custom wrench or any flatbladed screwdriver.


A removable orientation tab allows universal mounting in either notched or round 22.5 mm holes.


With 4-point contact, flanges snap securely onto the operator.


Ultrasonically welded contact block housings hold up longer and resist contamination better, even in the dustiest environments. Double bridge sliding contacts provide excellent performance, even in low-voltage applications. Terminals (both screw and quick-connect) can be wired off the operator, then snapped on. Contacts are rated A600, Q300.


Like contact blocks, power supplies just snap onto the mounting flange. Installation is quicker, labor costs are reduced. Choose from full-voltage, resistor and transformer power supplies with incandescent, LED or neon lamps.


Markings are easy to read and, because they’re laser-etched, they’ll remain legible—permanently.


The permanently bonded front gasket provides superior sealing against contaminants and makes installation nearly foolproof.


Four operator styles—round polished and satin chrome, round and square engineered plastic—all reflect a sleek, distinctive European style and give you precisely the look and function you want in your push buttons. Ergonomic design adds ease of assembly and operation.


C-2000 push buttons bring the beauty of simplicity to heavy-duty 22 mm push buttons. You’ll see it in their outstanding appearance, thoughtful ergonomics, expansive selection, innovative contact blocks, modular versatility, long-term reliability, and global applicability.


True Modularity, Real Simplicity

Because all operators, flanges, contact blocks, and power supplies simply snap together, installation is fast, inventory requirements are slashed, and application flexibility is greatly increased. You can wire terminals off the operator, then snap the block on when you’re done. Disassembly is just as easy.


Designed and Built for Reliability

Quality is built into every component using advanced design and manufacturing technologies. 100% on-line inspection assures you of the reliability you need.


Innovative Contact Blocks

Unique, patented double bridge wiping contacts in ultrasonically welded housings provide long life and superior contact fidelity, even in low voltage applications.


Worldwide Approval and Availability

C-2000 push buttons are truly global. Around the world their product numbers follow the same logical nomenclature that simplifies identification and specification. Around the world, they’re readily available. Around the world, they meet the standards.


How To Select, Price And Order C-2000 Push Buttons

This catalog contains virtually all of the information you’ll need to understand, evaluate, select, price, and apply C-2000 push buttons.


Technical data, on pages 9-119 to 9-125, provides complete specifications, terminal and contact data, mechanical and electrical life ratings, materials, power supply information, maximum contacts by operator, and lamp selection tips. Guideform specifications appear on page 9-125.


A guide to C-2000 push button nomenclature (pages 9-54 to 9-56) offers insight into this logical product numbering system. This will be helpful in understanding how the nomenclature works, and useful in deciphering particular product numbers, but should not be used to develop a specific product number, as not all possible combinations of product number digits produce available devices. To find a product number for a specific product, use the data beginning on page 9-57.


To select modular components, see pages 9-57 to 9-112. You’ll find ordering modular components—as well as assembling and stocking them—fast and easy. To select assembled devices, see pages 9-113 to 9-118. Assembled devices provide a single product number for complete devices (which is a handy reference in certain circumstances, even if you order modular components). To develop a product number and list price for assembled components, just follow the step-by-step process explained in that section. Note that there is a $5.00 (List Price, GO-10GC) assembly surcharge for assembled devices.


Many assembled devices are available from GE Industrial Solutions stock. In the case that a required device is not available, the components to assemble it will generally be stocked. A third alternative may be to choose a similar assembled device and the required parts to modify it.